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58 comments on “Official Page

  1. thanks u for uploading <3 can i ask u a question ? have u ever talked directly with SeHun?? i love him so so so much… i haven't loved anybody like him before….I'm so happy when i saw your page…nice to meet u, guy :D i'm look forward your answer

  2. Dear Sehun..

    :) just always take care and do your best.. we, your fans are always here.. :) you always makes us happy and relieved from stress.. sarangheyo.. <3

  3. your ALWAYS BE A my baby wolf and my bubble tea <3 SEHUN SARANGHAEYO<3
    #always be naughty and cute

  4. Oh sorry again…are you the real sehun?i ‘m confuse…Does Luhan have a oficial page??i love all of you exo…i hope that see you soon

  5. Happy Birthday !!!!!
    saengil chukhahabnida :)
    thank you bcoz you were born :)
    Always be happy and healthy!!

    Today is special day for me .bcoz of your birthday <3

  6. Saranghaeyo Sehuna. And that will never change forever… I love your eyes,sorry for being addicted to you,yeah,I’m addicted to you:) you’ll stay my inspiration in every article I’ll write in our campus newspaper… And in my study.. Saranghaeyo Sehuna! Please stay exactly what you are right now cause you are perfect..I know nobody is perfect,but being yourself is perfect right.. don’t forget to smile! Saranghae!

  7. if I have a chance to full of my wish; I want to get only a chance ^_^ to see you at outside<3 Sehunie

  8. Sehun oppa,what’s goin on with Kris oppa I don’t want Exo to be apart u told us that you all are one

  9. Taeba!!!! Overdose… Whoa… I don’t really know what to do about you guys. I love it. Hee hee. You look more manly Sehun.We will keep on supporting you. Exo hwaiting! XOXO.

  10. Oh ya! It’s Sehun. Right???? Oh. Okay… My heart is pounding. Annyeong oppa. Say, oppa, does Kai have official webpage? Reply Back to me. Please…

  11. you are so handsome and talented ^. ^ Do not know famous people struggled not? because the fans all love you ^. ^ Many times that I really envy that! ^ ^ saranghae, Sehoon Oppa <3

  12. sehun ssi, anyyeong? should i call you my handsome namdongsaeng?kkkk^^. actually i wanna talk tou you in korean language but i’m not good at it. i just wanna say i love you. hope you receive my love. bye bye pinkupinku ^^

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