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We started with our twitter account @WeLoveSehun, where we can update anything about Sehun and connect his fans from all over the world. Because our love for Sehun grew big, we decided to start a site when we can share photos, video, news, and anything about Sehun with everyone.

we hope we can share and give more love to Sehun, to his fans, and to everyone who loves him.

contact :


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55 comments on “US ❤

  1. Uhm can i ask you a question? Do you know any Kai and Baekhyun offical fansite in wp like this? Thank you before :*

  2. can i ask you a question?
    can we all send something to sehun ?

    like admin send Sehun jaket?

    please answer mee^^

  3. can i ask you a question ?
    my friend see that picture and said that her present for sehun isn’t there, she send for sehun through you
    did you send my friend’s present for sehun ?
    thanks before

    • i’ve sent all the gifts to Iridescent Boy, sorry if I couldnt take pic of every gifts because we were so close to the dateline from SM Entertainment to send it to them, in total, Me and Iridescent Boy sent 24 large boxes of gifts to Sehun for his birthday and it was impossible for us to take pic of them all >< again, I am so sorry, but i assure you, i've sent it to SM~^^

      • oh okay thankyou~^^
        my friend just wanna check it^^
        but now she fell relieve, thankyou~^^

      • I am honestly amazed and grateful to what you guys and Iridescent Boy are doing for our fave maknae Sehun… hoping this year’s project will go smoothly as well… will contact our country rep… btw is Iridescent Boy a single person or a group? love his/her/their photos of Sehun…

  4. Dear Admin(s)… can you tell me how to get the EXO/Sehun standee from Nature Republic? like, is there any particular item(s) to be bought, or maybe a minimum amount of purchase? bcause a friend of mine is going for SMTown week & I wish to ask her to buy them for me :) thanks in advance~

  5. hello..can I ask a question? Does Sehun Okay?. Because Someone called him ‘A lazy Dancer’ T.T , ,I hope he woudn’t mind the haters.. because we LOVE him<3

  6. Dear Admins,
    I’m one of those Indonesian fan who ordered Sehunadotcom’s photobook+dvd set which was being offered last december… so I’ve been waiting for the confirmation as to when will the goods arrive in Indonesia & when will it be sent to us? But up until now I receive none of such notification.
    A friend of mine had a bad experience with one of Kai’s fansite where she lost her money so I’m quite paranoid that similar thing might happen to me as well…
    I’m looking forward to your response, thank you in advance…

    • we are trying hard to contact SEHUNAdotcom about this matter but to no avail, it was hard to get reply from her
      last time she replied our admin’s kakaotalk was when our admin asked for the order and she only replied with “i will reply you again later” and after that, our admin already sent her a few kakaotalk chats and emails, but she never replied
      as for now, we tried to ask for help from some Korean fans who are in the same situation. we hope this matter can be cleared soon

  7. Hello from France. I’m working for a radio in Paris. Here it’s a quite difficult to find informations about K Pop stars so my message is simple : THANK YOU for your info (pics and videos). Good job.

  8. hi, may i ask you something? habe you seen Sehun in real life? if yes how was it like?
    thank you:)
    and never stop posting! i love your site!

  9. Hello,
    Do you know how to buy tickets for EXO 1ST CONCERT in seoul in May? Do you know when they will sell tickets? Do you take orders (it would be wonderful if you do really because I cannot read Korean). Anyways, thanks in advance.

    • no, i won’t make any order for that. I am sorry
      here, first… the only way getting the ticket is via Gmarket (it’s like a ebay/amazon for Korean)
      you need to make account first before you can purchase anything there^^, make account.
      then go to tickets section (i think, it’s here for english version )
      remember that you can start apply for ticket at April 16th at 8pm KST (do NOT be late, Korean fans has extremely fast internet connection and tickets would be sold out in minutes^^)
      ticket price is 99,000 won (flat = around 100 USD)
      so basically, by the time of 8PM 16April, Hunger Games is begin…^^ may the odds be ever in your favor >//<

      • One more question, when I click on the Gmarket link I cant seem to find where the tickets are listed for sale. Is it because it’s not April 16th yet? Or simply because I cant find it? Thanks

  10. Hey, I wanted to ask you about the open order for photobook and dvd, can I order it from you? it’s written that you’re the indonesian overseas group order ^^ can I contact one of you for further information? thanks in advance <3

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